Internet Peering

MANAMA-IX Internet Peering service enables direct network interconnections bringing all networks closer, and localizing the traffic. Internet traffic will be exchanged using only one connection and cross connect.


How it works

Once you connect physically on a single or multiple ports to MANAMA-IX over an Internet Peering Service, you are immediately connected to all Internet Peering participating networks on MANAMA-IX through a shared Ethernet fabric.

By peering at our switching infrastructure, carriers, ISPs and CDNs can easily improve the performance of their internet network and achieve low-latency and cost-effective interconnection.

Benefits of Internet Peering

Increased network redundancy

Traffic can be sent through many different routes

Reduced latency

Traffic takes the fastest routes 

High quality platform

Our innovative platform adheres to the highest technical standards

Live monitoring

Monitor traffic live via our online customer portal

24/7 first-line technical support

Our NOC actively monitors the AMS-IX infrastructure 24x7

Reduced connectivity costs

Direct exchange of traffic with multiple networks through one single connection